What Happens if You Eat Fish Every Day

6. Stay mentally sharp
As we age, mental function often declines. Response times to stimuli become longer and short term memory is compromised. This is called age-related cognitive decline, and in severe cases, it can progress into Alzheimer’s. For some reason we don’t fully understand yet, people who eat a lot of fish have slower rates of cognitive decline. It may be related to the amount of grey matter found in our brains.

Grey matter is the major functional tissue that contains neurons to process information and store memories. The more the better, and people who eat fish regularly seem to have more grey matter in the areas of the brain that regulate memory and emotion.

If you like fish, there’s really no reason not to eat it every day. Well, there are two reasons – pregnancy or childhood. And one further concern is environmental. If every non-pregnant adult ate fish every day, we would quickly cause the extinction of the world’s edible fish population. However, fish has a distinctive taste that not everyone likes, so as long as fish lovers stick to sustainably harvested products, extinction should not be a concern.

If you are one of those people who don’t care for food with fins, you can still reap some of the benefits of fish by taking a fish oil supplement. The oil in these supplements is typically processed to remove mercury. Food sources of anything are always better absorbed than extracts or supplements, but it is still better than nothing. Eating fish clearly offers many health benefits.