Science Explains 10 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Exercise Daily

“As time goes on, paper after paper after paper shows that the most effective, potent way that we can improve quality of life and duration of life is exercise.” ~ Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky

It’s simple: there is nothing that is better for human health than exercise. No medication. No ‘hack.’ Nothing. Exercise works – and it works incredibly well.

And the benefits of exercise are both numerous and wide-ranging; improving the function of every organ, muscle, and system within the body.

Here Are Ten Reasons To Exercise Daily, According To Science:
1. It Makes You Happier.
Everyone wants to be happy. And everyone who exercises knows that it makes them happier.

Exercise causes the release of our body’s natural opioid: endorphins. The process of regular exercise also balances brain chemicals, which helps regulate stress and anxiety and relieve depressive symptoms.

2. It Helps You Live Longer.
A healthy lifestyle has been linked to a longer lifespan for centuries. Oppositely, a sedentary lifestyle is linked to obesity, disease, and early death.

How much does exercise help in this regard? Well, according to a meta-analysis of studies conducted by Psychology Today, regular exercise has the same effect on life duration as quitting smoking.

3. It Boosts Your Energy Levels
Exercise is a real energy booster, especially for those suffering from fatigue-related conditions, i.e., “chronic fatigue.” Even a moderate amount of exercise (20-30 minutes a day) is enough to reap some of the advantages.

The workplace is perhaps the best opportunity to take advantage of these energy-boosting effects. Go for a 10-15 minute walk during your break. Park far away from the building and walk. Take the stairs!

4. It Reduces The Risk Of Chronic Disease
Regular exercise is related to enhanced insulin sensitivity, body composition (muscle/weight ration) and cardiovascular fitness. Exercise also lowers blood pressure and fat composition levels.

Lack of exercise, meanwhile, often leads to significant increases in abdominal fat; increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even premature death.

5. It Puts You To Sleep
Have sleep problems? Get to the gym.

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) states that regular exercise improves the quality of sleep. To achieve these benefits for your sleep quality, make sure to exercise either in the morning or afternoon. Working out too late into the evening revs up your nervous and motor systems, which may make it difficult to fall asleep.

6. It’ll Boost Your Self-Esteem
Regular exercise helps improve your appearance, which may help to explain some of its confidence-boosting effects. As a bonus, exercise gives you a nice feeling of accomplishment – especially when turned into a can’t-miss habit.