8 Foods that Actually Damage Your Kidneys

8. Non-organic food
It’s probably no surprise that ingesting poison is not good for us. What you may not realize is that it is nearly impossible to wash away pesticide residue on non-organic produce because it penetrates into the food. Once ingested, our bodies are not able to process these chemicals out, and so their levels build throughout our lives.

Recent studies have shown that people with chronic kidney disease tend to have higher levels of pesticide residue in their bodies. The exact link between pesticide and kidney disease is not yet known, but researchers think that a high level of pesticide residue in the body causes significant oxidative damage to the kidneys.

We know that all of this information can be confusing, but the bottom line for top kidney health is really “everything in moderation.” Your kidneys are detoxifying powerhouses, and they are good at their job. The key is simply not to overload them. By all means, have your morning coffee, enjoy an occasional steak, and don’t fret about indulging your love of cheese sometimes. Just eat organic as much as you can and ditch the sodas. Take these steps and your kidneys will thank you for it.