30 Day Plank Challenge To Strengthen Abs & Core Muscles

Muscular female doing core workout in the gym

Planking is a full body exercise that helps strength and flexibility while providing long-term prevention of injury and improving mood and mental health. No matter your age or gender, planking is the easiest and most effective equipment-free workout to perform in your home.

30 Day Plank Challenge To Strengthen Abs & Core Muscles


The challenge is to perform one exercise per day for a certain amount of time – from 20 seconds on the first day to 5 minutes on the thirtieth day.

If you do this exercise in your daily routine, you will get more benefits:
You’ll gain strength.
You’ll improve posture.
These will stimulate your metabolism.
You’ll work immediately on several groups of muscles.
These will help prevent injuries.
Tips for Proper Plank Form
Try to hold an elbow plank for one minute
Do not look at the clock! Instead, read a magazine to take your mind off the burning
Make your planks dynamic by turning out a few side planks
Incorporate other movements in your plank, like hand presses
Work out your core by pretending someone is going to punch you in the stomach
Plank in front of a mirror to ensure you maintain the correct position
If you decide to take this 30-day plank challenge., you should pay attention to a couple of points:

To avoid injury, you need to keep the posture correctly. This is important.

Simply because this is an isometric exercise, you shouldn’t think that it’s also simple and you don’t risk anything.

People who are overweight or having problems with the heart or back should consult a doctor before starting the complex.