Below are 18 Amazing health benefits of turmeric, nutritional values, side effects, a turmeric weight loss tea recipe, facts about turmeric and recommended daily intake amounts of turmeric to help you get all the information you need about this powerful spice!

Among other spices turmeric ( Curcuma longa) has many great health benefits, mostly cultivated in China, India, and Asia, turmeric is a member of the ginger family and has a yellowish orange color that is used as a flavoring in various types of foods. Tumeric is also a primary component of curry powders and certain kinds of mustards.

Tumeric is a scented plant and has a bitter taste. After cultivation, the roots and the bulbs are boiled, dried and ground into a smooth yellow powder. Tumeric also has an active ingredient called curcumin which is filled with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Nutritional values of 1 Tbsp of Tumeric (6.8 g).
Calories- 24
Total Carbohydrates- 4.4 g
Potassium – 171.7 mg
Dietary fiber – 1.4 g
Iron – 15%
Vitamin B-6 – 5%
Vitamin C -3%
Magnesium – 3%
Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric
For centuries turmeric has been used as traditional medicine to treat different types of illnesses, today, multiple studies show that turmeric very effective when used to treat the following conditions;

Cures Infections
Helps prevent Cancers
Reduce inflammation
Treat digestive problems
Prevent blood clots
Help treat Alzheimer’s
Reduce Parkinsons disease Symptoms
Lower Depression Symptoms
Help Treat Sclerosis Symptoms
Tumeric can also be used as a stimulant
Helps treat inflammation of the eyes iris, a condition known as uveitis

Reduces symptoms of bloating and gas
Treats ulcerative colitis and limits recurrence
Tumeric is a very powerful antioxidant that helps fight free radicals and may even prevent some of the damages they cause to our cell membranes.
Tumeric has been found in various studies to help prevent or treat different kinds of cancers because of its high antioxidant properties which protect and prevent cell damage. By adding turmeric to your daily diet helps with the following;

Prostate cancer
Breast cancer
Skin cancer
Colon cancer
Recommended Daily Intake
Fresh turmeric root- 1-3 g / day
Dried turmeric powder– 1-3 g / day
Fluid extract- 30-90 drops / day
Standard curcumin spice- 1.8 g / day
Side Effects Of Turmeric
For little to none side effects of turmeric, it is advisable to consume the recommended amount, that said, turmeric is usually a very safe spice.

Possible side effects from overdose are;

Stomach Upset
Tumeric Longevity Tea Recipe
4 cups of boiled water
Add 1 tsp of ground turmeric powder
Let simmer for 10 minutes
Add ginger and honey to taste
Facts About Turmeric
Tumeric is also known as Curcuma longa or curcumin
India produces 90% of the global production of turmeric
Tumeric is a tropical plant of the ginger family with a rough segmented skin also known as the rhizome or underground stem.
There you have it! All the amazing health benefits of turmeric in one blog post!