16 Foods That May Cause Cancer

By | November 23, 2019

#7: Artificial sweeteners
There is much debate over the safety of artificial sweeteners, but given that they do not actually help to control blood sugar, there is little reason to choose them over real sugar. Sweeteners prevent the body from being able to accurately recognize your daily calorie consumption and actually cause you to crave more sweets.

Aspartame is at the top of the suspect list when it comes to cancer-causing chemicals, but all are thought to break down into a toxin called DKP during digestion, which then releases further carcinogenic chemicals. In this way, artificial sweeteners have been linked to brain tumors.

Alternatives – If really prefer a sweetener, use plant-based Stevia. However, it may be best to just have the real sugar but limit how much you consume. Find ways to substitute applesauce or other healthier ingredients in your home cooking.