16 Foods That May Cause Cancer

By | November 23, 2019

#16: Diet foods
In yet another sign of the unconscionable practices of many food manufacturers, products that are marketed as diet foods may actually be way worse for you. The problem is that once fat is removed from these foods, they don’t taste very good. So the fat is replaced with a ton of artificial sweeteners and sodium. Packaged foods in general may also contain various addictive chemicals and are linked to an increased cancer risk. Once you factor in the risk of overeating based on a false understanding of the food’s healthiness, diet products aren’t a great choice overall.

Instead – Skip the packaged stuff and eat fresh, whole foods instead. Fruits and veggies can be purchased pre-cut and washed if your time is limited.

Choosing the best foods for you and your family can be quite overwhelming, especially in the face of lazy agricultural practices that care only about saving money, topped with deceitful marketing that misleads consumers about what they’re getting. However, choosing food that lowers your risk of cancer can be boiled down to a couple basic principles. First, buy local and organic as much as you possibly can. And second, skip the packaged stuff (including soda) in favor of creative home cooked meals. It may take more time in the moment, but it has the potential to extend your overall lifetime by many years.